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    Patient testimonials

    Dr. Steve Phillips


    I have referred and followed hundreds of patients for retinal surgery during my 40 plus years of practicing Optometry in our offices in Polk County. I never thought I would experience retinal problems and need surgery in both eyes later on. Facing this issue, I needed to choose the retinal surgeon. We are fortunate to have many qualified retinal surgeons in our county, however looking back over the years one name came to mind (David Misch). I have followed Dr. Misch’s patients for decades and the results he obtained, which were outstanding. This made my choice easy. After having surgery in both eyes my results were amazing. I experienced no pain, and the recovery was just as Dr. Misch explained. My vision today is better than it has been in years. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Dr. David Misch.

    Ken H.


    State-of-the-art equipment. Very professional and caring technicians. Dr. Hamilton explains your condition and treatment thoroughly and makes you feel comfortable during your treatment.

    Robin S.


    Highly qualified doctors who provide excellent care and will see you quickly.